7 Things To Do When The Doctor Says Incurable


Author:  Jerry Jutras

Your world has just turned upside down. Either you or someone you love has just heard those horrible words, “I’m sorry, but it’s incurable.” What do you do now? Where do you turn? When medical science has done all it can and you face a fearful and uncertain future, can anything else be done? Is there still cause for hope?

In this short, straightforward, and insightful book, Jerry Jutras offers wise and encouraging guidance gleaned from his many years in ministry and pastoral counseling. The real key to healing, he says, is heart change through believing and applying the Word of God to your situation. The verdict “incurable” doesn’t have to be the final word!

By applying the seven steps—rejoicing, reequipping, rewriting, refocusing, reassembling, reanalyzing, and recommitting, you can take charge of your own life and, strengthened in faith and hope, move toward healing.

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